1# youth work, values and context

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Working for four churches always was going to be a challenge and never more so than now, right in the middle of our review and looking to the future of our youth work.
Its exciting actually. Part of the report I will give to my employers in September will be my reccomendations for how we should proceed.
Which has got me thinking about… how we should proceed. So i thought i might blog about it a bit. And to save you all having to trawl though one mighty long blog post, Im going to do several posts over the next few days, looking at what it means to be a youth worker in my context.
There are so many things to try and fit together:
The call of God
Values of youth work
Expectations of congregations
So those are the things I’m thinking about and writing about. Basically, why is it we do what we do? Is it because we think its what God wants? Is it actually youth work? Are we as youth workers leading congregations or just trying to keep the peace? And of course, are we doing what we are doing simply because thats what pays the bills.

Hard questions, and ones I’m trying to answer so that I can be and do what God has called me to at this time.

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