#221 – life swap

If money were no issue
and we had a home
which belonged to us
I would swap the life I have
for one where
I grew things 
for a living
and sold them
in my little shop
along with 
local crafts
cups of tea
and home made cake
and instead of my
bread and butter job
youth work
would be the way I spent
all of my spare time.

Sunday Scribblings

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11 thoughts on “#221 – life swap

  1. I think that dream of a flower-filled tea-shop lurks within all females. But where would I be if it came true? I'm sadly lacking in both gastronomic AND horticultural skills!

  2. Youth work is clearly one that tests you so that you can imagine such a beautiful alternative. Dreams can come true so do not take your eyes off your goal.

  3. My dream too – maybe all of us long to return to a working relationship with the earth. I'd sell homemade quilts in my shop along with the dried lavender.

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