Herb day course

I ‘ve had a nice day at the garden project  I volunteer at. Dan (the herbalist) ran a day course on herbs.
 We did all sorts of fun things – smell different tinctures, taste various tonics, study and draw plants, learn about permaculture zones and take cuttings of herbs to take home with us… and all for £3.
I really enjoyed the whole day, not only was it really interesting, but it was nice to meet new people too. Along with all the herby things and the joy of bringing home cuttings (chamomile, lemon balm, rosemary and orange sage) I was particularly struck by what Dan told us about permaculture zoning. Normally this is applied to our physical environment and acts as a way of ordering our lives in a productive and harmonious way. But he also said it can be applied to a person’s life. We had a go, and it really made me think – it fits in with a simpler life and reminded me that we all need space for the wilderness/creative parts of our lives.
Today was a perfect example of this for me – something out of the ordinary, allowing for more horizontal rather than the usual hierarchical work/regular commitments flow of things.

It turned out to be a day which will keep me thinking for quite a while. I recommend it – do something different, learn something new, make time to flourish and grow… hopefully, just like my cuttings.

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