Simple living, oil slicks and faithfulness

I think right now my favourite blog is Rowdy Kittens. Dear followers and visitors I recommend you pop over to this thoroughly fabulous blog. Tammy continues to inspire me as I take my first steps in simple living.

It couldn’t be more important at the moment.  I have been reading a lot about the gulf oil spill, and of course it is all over the press. As an English woman, I find it hard listening to the apparent anti British rhetoric coming from the US. Not that I would dream of defending an oil company.

However lets face it, we are all to blame.

Whenever we put petrol in a car and drive when we could walk. Whenever we take yet another new plastic bag, if we are not signed up to an eco electricity provider, leave our TV on standby… we are all addicted to oil, all to blame. Lets hope this terrible crime against the planet will cause a change in the oil regulations and an awakening for us all to our need to get off oil.
In the meantime all this has spurred me on in my new found quest for simpler living. It is born out of my belief that it is God who is important, not stuff. That the people in my live need a higher priority than the consumerist pull on my mind and heart.

Today I began to reduce my possessions. Two bags of clothes, two bags and a box of books and a ruck sack I have barely used went off to Banardos and I feel lighter inside already. I know its not much in the grand scheme of things, but we all have to start somewhere right? Besides, better to start small, than not at all.


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