cake and church

R and I go to the evening service at our local church (we both work in the morning, me at one of the 4 churches that employ me and R at the electrical store he works at) and they have on a fifth Sunday “cafe church”.
Its less formal than normal church and they have discussion groups after the talk – I guess its a cross between house group and church really. 
Anyway. In my limited experience of it, there appear to be a flaw. Surely, if its cafe church it should have a bit more than a cup of tea? So in the spirit of a previous blog post of mine, i have decided to make cake. Lots of cake. In three flavours so there’s something for everyone and milk free so R can eat it.

I made cherry, chocolate and coconut, all with butter (well ok, marg) cream in them. Well if we are going to worship God cafe style, we might as well do it with a nice slice of cake 😀

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