#217 – mantra

Sunrise in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, IndiaImage by mehul.antani via Flickr
My latest offering for Sunday Scribblings:
Live in the day
or live in the dark,
Find happiness even in adversity
or despair on an ordinary day
See blessing where ever you are
or only a curse upon your head –
It all depends
on which mantra
You have chosen as 
the rhythm of your life.
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9 thoughts on “#217 – mantra

  1. what an excellent pic!i found your blog through St Aidan through Abbey Manor i believe and i became a follower. i live in Canada and you'd be welcomed if you ever came over for a visit.

  2. Use this as your mantra…it is worthy.bhttp://itcrossedmymindblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/that-is-not-my-mantra-word-clouds.html

  3. Hi 'Alice' – thank you for your visit I am glad you found something in my piece. I have taken from yours that we must all try to live in the light of the day..Jae

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