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Back in February, R and I went on a retreat – it was fabulous – good teaching, yummy food and fabulous company… we both came home feeling really refreshed.
But you know how it is, life washes back over you, you never quite get round to doing some of the stuff you said you would while away. Well at least I haven’t anyway.
But yesterday I got to thinking about some of the things i learned. My notes from the retreat are “filed” somewhere, but pressing on me was what one speaker said about values. He said we should write down our top ten values in life and then see if our lives matched our ethics. 
Is what we do at work in tune with what really matters to us? Do we make lifestyle choices that are true to the thing which God has placed on our heart? Because true values are a gift of God.
So yesterday I wrote my ten down. And I found they fell into three categories: Inner (things  to do with me) Middle (things to do with those immediately around me) and Outer (the rest of the world). Here they are:
Learning more about Jesus
Growing things
Living sustainably and ethically
Time with R
Time with family
Time with friends
Helping young people negotiate their lives better
Teaching young people about Jesus
Helping others learn about sustainability
Hospitality (with friends and others)
Some of these things i think I’m a way down the road on, others only have a small actual place in my life even though they are big in my heart. So for me its the beginning of a journey to see how I might get my life matching what really matters to me.

I wonder what your top ten is? How much does your life resonate with the things you really think matter? And how are you going to go about drawing the two together?

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One thought on “what really matters

  1. Hi Alice,I stumbled upon your blog as a link from sunday scribblings…..being a part of this whole blogging community is new and excited to me…I realize we have some things in common….I too, am a follower of Him, I am not in charge of the youth at church but do hang out with them…I also am starting to dig around in my garden…thank you for sharing your heart…I'm looking forward to getting to know u!love Lynnwww.lynnstreasures.typepad.com

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