Fair Trade Clothes

Pants to PovertyImage by Polska Zielona Sieć via Flickr
There was a time when the only ethical clothes you could buy were thermal long johns and Victorian style nighties. Eek. Thankfully things have moved on a bit, so when I went in search of a new t-shirt or two, I had plenty to choose from.
I especially like Wombat, SP:UK and Plain Lazy. Wombat has more realistic sizing and a variety of other clothes, but SP:UK has more in the t-shirt department. And Plain Lazy are just plain cool.
But what, if like me, you have decided to buy only ethical or second hand clothes? Jeans, smart clothes, high fashion – its all there if you are willing to rummage round the internet… but what about underwear – because who wants second hand underwear?
Well here comes Life’s not fair but my knickers are to the rescue. and its all so lovely too – not a long john in sight. Just polka dots and hearts along with pretty slogans – lovely. And fear not, if you want a fair trade bra which doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing your high school PE kit (I think i may be forever scared by bottle green toweling PE knickers) the get you to peau-ethique on Buy Organics.
And finally a mention for By Nature simply because they have lots of lovely things on their web site.


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