Voting for policies rather than personalities

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And here comes the election. It amazes me how many people are just not fussed about voting, or who will vote because “they seem nice”.


However I was completely uplifted by the 18 year old i had coffee with this morning. I asked her if she was going to follow the election at all and she told me how she had looked on each of the main party web sites and had read each of their policies on the subjects she was interested in and would vote on what she found.

She is a woman after my own heart. I mean what a fabulous attitude, and true democracy at work. We should all follow her example (I shall be having ongoing conversations with all the 18+ young people I know and work with, encouraging them to take this positive attitude to voting).

And these days its made so flippin easy. You don’t even have to trawl round the party web sites (although I think its probably a good idea anyway). You can just go to  and complete their survey. I did, my results are here: i was slightly disturbed to find I have anything in common with UKIP as I think they are a pile of pants – but I did like their idea of simplifying the benefit system – but perhaps that’s just naivety on my part.

Anyway, my results came up predictably Green – but I suspect their will be no Green candidate to vote for in my area.

Of course there has been much in the blogosphere about how you should vote if you are a Christian, but I am reminded of what an MP, who happens to be a Christian said in a talk I went to years ago. British politics, we all want the same thing, good schools, welfare, NHS etc, so its down to how that is implemented, therefore a Christan is free to vote for who they want.  Not that I would include the BNP in that as all they seem to want to do is persecute anyone who hasn’t lived here for 5 generations – and UKIP don’t appear to be far behind them.

So, back to the main party web sites for me.Reblog this post [with Zemanta]


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