Peak Oil

Hubbert peak graph showing the world's oil pro...Image via Wikipedia
The issue of peak oil has been around for a long time, and it is something I have spent a lot of time reading about, but it had gone on the back burner in recent months, until I saw an article on the news about Obama pushing for new oil exploration. the world’s thirst for oil is of course ever strong.
Peak oil is something  Rob Hopkins has spent a lot of pages look at at and what we should do about it in his book The Transition Handbook. And there are no end of web sites looking at how we can all live a more sustainable lifestyle, for example sustainable stuff or the Living Lightly web site – they even have their own facebook group.
Yet somehow there doesn’t seem to be very many people around me interested in sustainable living. Not really. There are a few who are really pushing the boat out, but all this care of the planet, of our future, the idea of taking our fair share of resources rather than enough stuff that if we all did we would need three planets… It seems to be passing so many people by.
Perhaps lots of people around me ARE doing things and are simply too humble to be shouting about it.

But all the same I wish I could find a few more of them. People around me who are not only aware of the need to live sustainably, but within their ability and means – doing something about it.

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