Apricot and Almond Cake

I have decided that I need all my blogging in one place. So for those of you who haven’t looked at my other blog, The Foodie Cool Board… it is now here, under a label of the same name 🙂
It is, as you might imagine, all about food. R can’t have milk in the summer months due to his astronomically bad  hay fever, so most of the food I cook and blog about is dairy free. I cook it, we eat it and then give it a rating of either Subzero, Cool, OK or Uncool. Plus loads of pictures – yum.

More cake today. This is a variant on the Victoria sponge… I added almond extract and chopped (ready to eat) dried apricots and the butter icing (well, dairy free marg) also had almond extract in it. R thought it was great as he is a real fan of anything almondy. I thought it was pretty yummy too so is got a resounding subzero from us!

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