Lent 2010 – Week 2

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Last week we looked at how Jesus calls us to give to those in need and how we can share the material wealth we have.
This week we turn to look at something more important than the possessions we have – our time. Jesus points out that we can’t have two masters, that it will either be God or money:
 “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”
Matthew 6:24 (New International Version)
I would like to suggest that it is because we only really have the time to devote our hearts, minds and actions to one – so with two in our lives, resentment creeps in.
And the pull of possessions is very strong on all of us. Just add up how much time you spend watching TV/on the internet/in the cinema each week. Now none of these things are bad, in fact they can be good, if for no other reason than they give you something to talk about with friends and family.
But time is precious and we need to consider what we spend it on.
There are less obvious “masters” to be considered – we all have work to do, whether paid, or in education but finding that “work-life balance” can be difficult. Its hard to take time to consider time when you don’t have any. But all the same, if we are truly to be rich and not be a slave to the master consumerism, this issue of our time – needs time.
Because lets face it, TV time, essays at the last minute because we faffed earlier, extra hours in the office for a bit of overtime… they are worth nothing compared to family and friends. And the same goes for our friendship with God – I mean when we think about it in the light of day, which “master” do we really want? Friendship with our ipod or eternal friendship with the King?
Some times it takes a tragedy for us really realise it. It’s then that we realise that the things we thought mattered (things which in daily life we might allow to “master” us) are worthless compared to the precious time we have with one another and with God.
This week, why not set aside an hour to consider your time. Figure out where an when you need to do that essential study/work and then book yourself some quality time in with God and with your family and friends. Because Jesus is right, we really can only have one master – and He is without doubt the most compassionate one.
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