The "wigloo"

Time for a garden update. not mine int his case, but the garden project I volunteer at on Friday morning called The Peoples Garden. they have a blog too.
It’s a great community project, with heritage fruit trees, a sensory garden, a medicinal herb garden, wind turbine, compost loo, poly tunnel and community plots – I have one – its £10 a year for a plot about 5 foot square, fabulous if like me you live in a terraced house.
I wish I could spend more time there, but work prevents me. I love my job, but I’m sad not to have more time for other things. Anyway, back to the garden. they have been constructing a willow igloo, which has been christened the “wigloo”.
We all thought that was a great word!
The main dome had already been constructed and we were making a small children’s entrance and a larger adult entrance.
This meant preparing the coppiced willow, making a hole in the ground with a stake and then inserting the willow, stamping down round it. Uprights to make the arches then more willow put in in and woven at an angle to provide strength.

as you can see from the pictures, it was jolly cold, but as ever I came away from my Friday morning feeling like I had achieved something good and having really enjoyed myself.

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