We know it happens but seeing it is a shock

The waste of food that is.
Being the sort that’s interested in eco stuff, R and i continue to reduce, recycle reuse… you know how it goes. I have just come across a video about a man who has been living without money for a year.
Now plainly this is an extreme, but it has shed some light on something we all need to see. the shocking waste of supermarkets, throwing away perfectly good food. See the video here:

The No Money Man

 I knew it was better to shop locally, at greengrocers and butchers and the like, but this video makes it an imperative. As soon as I’m home from work tonight I’m going to show R. It means we will have to be selective on what we eat, as I’m not really prepared to do what no money man has and we can’t afford a hike in our food bill. Good job we have decided to eat less meat really. 

Dear followers, I know you don’t always comment, but I would love to hear what you think about all this… and what your friends think. Am I all alone in my horror of what this video uncovers?

Want to see more on this from The Guardian? Click their photo:


One thought on “We know it happens but seeing it is a shock

  1. Hi Alice – I've been introduced to your blog by Twitter user @MrsBYork. it's great that you've highlighted this and it's really worth following up the work of Tristram Stuart, who's mentioned in the article. His book Waste revealed some really shocking statistics. You can follow him here http://www.tristramstuart.co.uk/ Many supermarkets are now diverting their food waste to energy producing facilities such as anaerobic digesters. However, I wish they could control it better at source or at least hand out more food to shelters. It's a crying shame to boast about making energy from their mushy tomatoes, which could have otherwise fed hungry people. At least it's better than nothing I suppose but the industry could do a whole lot better.Best wishesKaren@therubbishdiet

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