Cider Braised Pork shoulder

R and i are trying to cut down on our meat. so why, you are probably asking, is this a post about pork? Well, the idea is, we have one joint of meat a week and then veggie stuff after that. Last weeks chicken did roast chicken, chicken pie and sandwiches for R.
The pork joint is a little smaller, so our second meal was tuna steaks…. but the rest of the pork is doing fine in R’s sandwiches.
I’m not the greatest at roast that isn’t chicken, so i had a rummage on the internet for a braised recipe and found this recipe for Cider-Braised Shoulder of pork from Epicurious (there is an interesting article on their blog about how resterunt menus are laid out to get you to spend more).
the pork was lovely, it just fell apart as I put it on the plates along with mash potato and peas. Of course there would have been a photo of it had we not been so hungry and eaten it before I thought to get the camera out:

Hey ho. This gets a rating of cool from us… give it a go!


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