a bit of re-potting

Mum and dad have given me some pots, which has allowed me to re-pot the Hellebores (they will need their own pot each eventually) and the primroses – they are in two pots with some stray bulbs i found in my compost in the bottom, so those should  do flower wise for a bit longer.
I was trying to find out what the primroses are. I know our native one is Prumula vulgaris, but these are F1 hybrids, more hardy. They look like a common primrose, but I can’t find out what they have been crossed with – it just says Primrose “cream”.
I can only see a stretch of garden from the window so I’m putting a few bits there so I can look out the window and see lovliness. but I am looking forward to the summer months where I can sit in the garden with a cup of tea, sniffing lavendar and seeing riot of reds, oranges, yellows and purple in and around the veggies… ahhh.

I’d better get planning rather than just dreaming.


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