Christmas food

It was just four of us for Christmas dinner this year, so we went for beef roast dinner. Bizarrely, I have never cooked roast beef. It’s because generally speaking we are a white meat and fish household and I don’t tend to cook traditional when friend come round, hence no beef joint until now.
I found the BBC web pages on the matter very helpful. So, beef in the oven along with roast everything – in our case potatoes, parsnips, carrots, mushrooms and shallots, I started on the puddings.
I thought, two small, one new, sounds good… so I tried the beebs Roasted fig tart with chocolate and whiskey cream liqueur sauce… which was very nice, and probably would have been better if I hadn’t had a bit of a sugar disaster and inadvertently made toffee on the first attempt.

I have to say, we all enjoyed my cherry cheesecake (dairy version) more.
In the end, it all came out alright, roast beef, roast veggies, curly kale, gravey made with the beef juices, fruit juice and wine on the table and lots of pudding.  Oh and almondy mince pies (lots of ground almond in the shortcrust pastry)
We give Christmas food a subzero

3 thoughts on “Christmas food

  1. Mmm, yes the perils of the roast to the uninitiated! I've never been in charge of making one, my husband always makes a big roast beef for Christmas dinner, and that's the only time we have one. Good though! Your cheesecakes look scrumptious by the way…

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