#9 Stumbled upon

I am still amazed at the amount of random stuff you can find on the net. So as its boxing day and I have the day off (unlike R who is selling TV’s and the like for all he’s worth) I thought I would share some of the wonderments I have found this morning:
If you are still short of a gift or two, how about the banana phone or perhaps some shark-fin ice cubes (slightly more eco that the soup).
then of course with all that cash you got for Christmas you could buy a new appliance… my favorite for fun is the microwave/toaster, but you know, the washing machine/loo actually looks like a good idea.
I was wandering around looking for beautiful pictures and came across a festive frog and some lovely butterflies, but I also found an interesting blog wdydwyd?  I mean, why do we?
And finally the sheer volume of stuff in this man’s wallet is pushing me to do what I’m meant to be doing while typing this… tidying the house.
Have a lovely boxing day


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