Garden and RHS course

I have enrolled on a correspondence course and started this week: RHS level 2 certificate in Horticulture. I’m already bogged down in taxonomic hierarchy and the composition of plant names…
I’m not sure I will be up for the exam, i may have to settle for the HCC certificate… but no matter, I have a Dad who understands the stuff  I’m reading better than I do, so I may yet emerge from Family, Genus, Specific epithet, cultivar….. you get the idea.
As well as the course, you are encouraged to take on a project as well, mand I am very excited about this as I am keen to look more at what it means to garden in a small space, with not a lot of money. Of course my budget and back yard are a prime example of this, so I will continue to blog about my garden and that will double up as part of my project – fabulous.
The garden is today, under yesterdays snow, with more forecast for tonight. the cars have struggled with the snow, but my new Christmas Roses (Hellebore niger) don’t seem to mind and even the Myrtle (Myrtus communis) seems happy enough:


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