Christmas, climate and copenhagen

Perhaps its the Copenhagen climate conference, but this Advent, the theme definitely seems to be consumerism versus community.
And there seem to be so many people with helpful advice on how to go about living more responsibly, reconnecting with people around you, fighting off the crushing “requirement” at Christmas to buy far more than we ever need.
So many in fact, it can dazzle you into complete in action. I mean, lets face it, Christmas is busy enough.
So perhaps we should all pick a few things each, and not worry so much about the rest. R and I have bought our Christmas meat (and will get our veg) from a local farm shop, as suggested by the Living Lightly web site, we have asked a few people (not everyone, I have to say)  to buy us Present Aid presents and i am planning to make cakes  instead of cards, for some of our friends.
At work, we are having both social events and giving events such as the Christmas wrap (wrapping people’s presents for free) to help young people remember that Christmas really is about Jesus, about God’s love for us, and our caring for each other.
What ever we do, with which ever organisations ideas or help, however big or small,  it certainly seems to be time to stop talking and take action.
And if you are interested in the whole climate change/change of lifestyle thing, here are some more people (other than the links above) talking about it: Breathe, Superbadger, the Prince of Wales, nigels ecostore.

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