Guest article: Living Lightly

Living Lightly is all about being involved in change… change in us that brings about care for the environment:

What gives you the most amount of pleasure in life? Maybe itʼs playing with
your kids, watching the hum of city streets, planting some seeds, creating
something in your workshop, walking with God in the fields, seeing a friend
step closer to Jesus…
Whatever those things are they are likely to be based on the relationships we
have; the relationships with God, with other people and with the natural world
around us. Yet, too often, our lives get taken over with stuff: we work long
hours, get distracted by consumer gadgets and donʼt have time to spend on
those relationships that matter, including our relationship with the rest of
Living Lightly is a new website from A Rocha that is designed to help us live
more lightly in Godʼs world through every area of our lives, from our own dayto-
day choices through to campaigning and what happens in our churches
and workplaces. Living Lightly will give you ideas of things you can do, further
information on key issues, links to useful website and resources, and an
online community that you can share your thoughts and questions with.
So do have a look at and be inspired to see what
you can do to live lightly in this amazing world.
Please also consider becoming a ʻFriend of A Rochaʼ – it is absolutely free of
charge and we will send you a booklet about A Rocha. As a Friend you will
receive regular news of our work through our free magazine, which we
produce three times a year.
To become a Friend of A Rocha please send your name and address, stating
where you heard of A Rocha, to


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