Happy first birthday blog

I have been blogging a year today. And in 18 days, I will have been married a year. Where did the last year go?
It has been, both brilliant, and one of the hardest years I’ve had. Not the worst, but definitely hard. A year ago, I had moved three times, changed job and was about to get married. We had finished our marriage prep by then I think.
I have to say, that although our marriage prep sessions were very interesting and we enjoyed meeting with the vicar, I don’t think they really prepared me at all. But then perhaps its not possible.
I have found the adjustment to married life, the biggest challenge Ive had to face. I had no idea i was so ingrained into the single life. And i have had to learn what it means to be a Christian youth worker AND married.
Before, all I had to think about was work – everything else fitted around it. Especially as i was living away from family – i visited them in my holiday time. Now, my husband, my family and work, they all exist in the same space.It has been such a learning curve and I’m glad i had the guidance of Jesus to see me through.
So much has happened this year, but i find myself feeling very blessed.
I have a challenging and interesting job and I have a husband who I am loving more deeply, each day. His patient loving kindness has caused a part of my inner world, which i had carefully mothballed due to lack of use, to flourish and grow.

I am very grateful to God for him bringing us together.


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