Scones – fat and sugar free

The diet continues. And in an attempt to have yumminess on a calorific budget, enter the fat and sugar free raisin scone. Now I admit, that’s not what they were intended to be. I found a recipe for fat free sponge cake at Mamta’s Kitchen.
I think because I tried to put sultanas in it, and use Splenda rather than sugar, it deflated the mixture. But I have to say, what came out was some rather nice scones, which if you are on Slimming World, come out as 4 of there “syns”. Fabulous.
So, for the original cake recipe you can go HERE. My recipe is  4 eggs, 8 oz flour, 14 level tablespoons of flour, 2oz sultanas and make it in the same way as the cake recipe.
I obviously think they are great as its not a carrot (although come to think of it i like carrots too) and R liked them so they get a rating of cool from us.

2 thoughts on “Scones – fat and sugar free

  1. I tried leaving comments on the "Understanding Alice" blog but it was not possible. Something seems to be wrong with the word verification thing. It wasn't allowing me to write out the letters.

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