Chicken Satay

I’m on a diet. Its going really well actually, thanks to the help of a slimming club. It means the recipies for a while, are going to be in the loosing weight vein. and staring us off is, surprisingly Chicken Satay. (Please excuse the quality of picture, my camera was out of battery so this is via my phone…)
Its a Slimming World recipe, and their web site is well worth a look for recipies. Anyway, this one  had soy sauce, sweetener, garlic, and cumin wiht the chicken and fat reduced peanut butter, garlic, sweetener, soy sauce and fromage frais for the sauce. I reckon you could use soya cream if you are going dairy free.
It was actually, really nice. As R said “it actually tastes like proper satay” high praise indeed. So high in fact, this recipe gets a subzero from us.

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