The relentless march of image

Is there no refuge. No safe place for western woman and girl from the relentless flow of be this, look like this or risk being an unloved looser?
And the latest casualty? Marge Simpson. you wouldn’t credit it would you. An excellent blog post from the fabulous people at PinkStinks says it all.
And the horror of it all? We are all so easily sucked in. I looked at the picture below, and part of me thought “cool” – you know the part, the bit that has been hammered all your life by the relentless march of image.
As pink stinks said… not amused.
It was of course replaced by the realisation that a cartoon woman I actually think is quite cool, is being used for a porn mag. Because we should not let the “Iconic Playboy printed tote bag” our local supposedly respectable supermarket is selling, cause us to forget, thats what playboy is.
How did we get here? How did we as women get to a place where actually, we all want to be slim and beautiful, just as big business tells us we should be. Even when we are relatively enlightened, we still have a running battle with it.
Or at least I do. I’d love to be slim and stunning, to have nice clothes and all that because there is a brainwashed part of me that whispers that life would be easier then.  Its not true of course, but that not the point.
Its why I’m so glad to see the rise of people like Pinkstinks. We need to make a stand for ourselves and future generations, or we will contunue to see women and girls wrapping their lives around what big business says makes them of value.
Dont believe me? you should be a fly on the wall of conversations I have with bright, happy, well adjusted young women from stable homes… who all think they are fat and ugly. It makes me want to cry.
And where is there thats cool, funky and liberated from all this? When I was a teen my mother and I read more magazine, before it became such a pile of  “All the best fashion, celeb news and sex and relationships” drivel.  In my 20’s I read zest magazine for its interesting articles and health tips, but thats going the same way as more. At the beginning of my 30’s I thought I would try runners world, and I have to say the content is good, but they still have a half dressed woman on the front…
I’m depressed. I’m sure you are too now. But lets not give up, lets not stop celebrating what it means to be a woman, lets carry on telling the women and girls we know how fabulous it is to be a woman, lets celebrate all those women who truely are role models for us all!
If you feel like cheering yourself up, here are some links to try:


2 thoughts on “The relentless march of image

  1. There are probably lots of good feminist magazines out there. One I discovered this year is called Herstoria which is great if you're interested in females and history.Also there is a cool magazine called Psychologies and another called Mindfood.

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