Autumn tidy up

It feels like forever since I last did anything in the garden except water things. It seems to have been a very dry summer. I havent been able to water the runner beans fast enough and it was time to give up on them, so today was clear up day:
I am always amazed at how brilliant plants are. Even without me watering, the weeds have grown green and lush… and  I have to say, even though they grow in the wrong place (hence being a weed) they are also beatutiful:


 The rest of the garden seems to be doing well, the honeysuckle is in flower, and my fig tree has finally figured out it can grow more than one fig… I have great hopes for next years crop:

  Even the drain seems to be producing its own garden design:

So all in all, the garden clear up proved to be a tranquil moment of finding things growing inspite of the lack of rain.

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