Rwanda – the rest of the trip

For me, the second Monday was so different to the first… mainly because I felt well. We moved bricks all morning at the new building at hope village, some of the guys were rock moving an smashing – this was for a set of steps that were being built. By the time we left Rwanda, they were done.
In the afternoon we taught English: How are you, I’m fine, what is your name, my name is, where are you from, I am from…
They did brilliantly.
I don’t think I could have learnt kinerwandan at the pace they learnt English.
We were also looking at the plans for the building. The next stage is the roof, which will cost £20,000. So thats the challeneg for us now we are home, to raise money towards this roof.
This was our last day in Hope Village. More building work followed by some time with the people from the village. They sang (beautifully) we sang (not so beautifully) and there were speeches and gifts and thank you’s. The thing we most enjoyed giving the people of Hope village was the guitar – our young person who had been playing it for us all week taught one of the ladies how to play some chords and read the chord cards so that she can teach herself.
We had enough money left in the budget to enable us to go to Akagera park and safari. We saw some amazing animals, hippo, giraffe, zebra, baboons to name but a few.
After one last trip to Bourbon Coffee and blessings from the Arch Bishop, we began the long journey home – 21 hours from door to door and we were all back with our families.
As a youth worker I am already thinking about what we will do next – presentations to our churches, fund raising, and how we might go about it all over again in three years time.  I have learnt a lot. There is much I would do differently, mostly in order to make it a better learning experience for the young people.

But this trip has been amazing, and it has, and will continue to change lives. I am very grateful to God for giving all of us, leaders and young people, such a profound experience.


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