Rwanda – the second Friday, Saturday and Sunday

We had a bit of a rest day the second Friday, with a trip to the local tourist craft market… most of us bought our gifts to bring home here. Sadly I am a rubbish haggler – I just keep thinking how the price isn’t that much in the first place, and then it seems mean to haggle. However some of the others did very well coming home with lots of bargains.


We visited a Compassion sponsored project in Ramera in the morning. It was amazing. They cater for about 350 children, their health, education, faith and well being. We played games with the children all morning, and then had the great honour of sharing in their lunch.

In the past I have sponsored a child with Compassion, until she moved away from the project. Seeing the other end of such work had a profound effect on me. R and I are hoping we might be able to sponsor a child from this project.
In the evening we shared in Bible study and choir practice with the cathedral choir… they are amazing people!
Was a bit of a disaster. We were meant to be going to church in Ramera, but the arrangements got muddles and we were without transport. In the end, we went to the cathedral in the morning and then went swimming in the afternoon. Very nice.
It was at this point in the trip I began to run out of patience with some of our group. It seems even a trip to Africa hadn’t shaken their insular, western world. Even now that we have come back, some of them don’t seem to have been effected at all. They look set to go straight back to their comfortable lives. But I suspect am being too harsh. It takes time for experiences to sink in, and their will be many opportunities for our young people to continue to serve.

So we shall see.


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