Rwanda – Genocide Memorial Sites (be warned, with some photos)

Wednesday saw us back at hope village, shifting bricks in the morning, a second shift in the afternoon for those that wanted to, and teaching English for the rest of us. Two of the young people really shined at this, teaching the teens and children songs and stuff about the houses – door, window etc.


This was the day we visited the Genocide memorials at Ntrama and Nyamata. I still don’t really have any words to describe the experience. I wrote in my diary that day:

I thought I was prepared, I thought I knew how i would cope. It was so much harder that i thought. Over 5,000 people at Ntrama and over 7, 000 (of 10,000) at Nyamata were killed. They ran into the churches and were killed there.
Therre are 40,000 people buried at Nyamata. In both places the clothes of the people are piles up, bullet holes everywhere and at Nyamata, blood still on the altar cloth. Also shelves and shelves of peoples bones.

It is a testament to the people of Rwanda that they have come so far since. Their commitment to forgiveness, to this never happening again, their continued faith in God, in the face of such an awful tragedy.

We have so much to learn from these people.


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