Rwanda Trip: the first few days

Our trip started at 2am in Suffolk, lots of heartfelt goodbyes and off we went:

Two hours to Gatwick and all that goes with getting a on a plane

An hour to Brussels and a change of plane

Then all the way to Kigali, picked up by our host Speciose and an evening meal. After that it was settling in and changing the green mosquito nets (the ones in our room had holes in them) for our own nets. We were staying two to a room, and I have to say that although the beds look basic, they were in fact very comfy:

Day two

The first Friday was a cultural day. A two hour bus journey saw us in Butare, the home of the National Museum.

But first food was in order. We went to a local restaurant, I had fish in a peanut sauce, it was very nice. One of the young people managed to eat an entire chicken:

The museum was amazing. It holds all aspects of Rwandan history and culture, including a full size round house you can go into. I found the progression of hair styles interesting, and all the various cooking implements.
Speciose was explaining to me the importance of milk and how scrupulously clean milk containers are kept.

Day Three

We didnt do much the Saturday, except sample the delights of Bourbon Coffee in Kigali – (and of course, practice our singing for later in the week) it was very strange sitting in what could have been star bucks… but very yummy. I had felt that we had such a slow start to our trip, but it proved to be good bonding time for the group as us leaders, especially as this was the first time all four of us had worked together.

What a start. It was amazing, I learnt such a lot, but all the time I carried with me missing R – it was physically painful those first few days. I just had to keep saying to myself to do each day as it came.
Besides, this was my first two week residential, my first foreign residential, and personally, my first time visiting anywhere in Africa.
Everyone was missing someone… all things said and done, we did ok as far as home sickness goes.


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