#178 – Poetry

The Sunday Scribblings challenge this week is Poetry. as I came back from Rwanda yesterday it has to be about that…


home of the brave

Those who have survived
and lived to forgive


You have so much to teach
to correct
our western ignorance

We see you as poor

but it is you
who are committed
to the environment

Whose streets
are clean

Whose people
love God

In spite of
loosing so many loved ones
fifteen years ago.

I may have come home

but a part of my heart

remains with you.


9 thoughts on “#178 – Poetry

  1. I felt nice as someone speaks in tune, in poetry about a land we less speak about..Amazing rendition of verses..loved the tribute, the momentum of thought, and the essence of being there with them in mind!!Keep writing..:)

  2. So touching and powerful. I love the opening stanzas, especially the line 'and lived to forgive.' It takes a lot of strength to forgive such atrocities. Thanks for sharing. Jane

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