Beef, prune and stout stew

I have come across another food blog I like. Its well worth checking out Greedy Gourmet… R and I have already tried the leek and bacon risotto and the oven baked barbecue chicken.

Sadly I forgot to take photos, but its still worth trying them out. We also tried the Beef, prune and Guinness stew.
It cooks very nicely and is a good recipe, but wasn’t really to R and I’s taste. I think we would have preferred it with carrots (as she suggests) and red wine rather than the Guinness. So although the recipe itself is one we would recommend, for us it get a rating of OK.


4 thoughts on “Beef, prune and stout stew

  1. Guiness in a stew can be a little bitter. I add some maple syrup to mine. Boy what a difference. I am glad you liked my Ragu by the way. I tried to post a reply to that but for some reason I it wouldn't let me.

  2. I've done something just like this…beef and Guinness go together like fish and chips, and the prunes give a nice background sweetness that balances the bitterness of the stout perfectly.It's 26c outside right now, so this is not a dish for today, but come November, this will be in the slow cooker (I love LOVE coming home from work to a house full of the smell of slowly casseroled beef, left to just bubble away on it's own for the whole day).

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