money, vegetables and ethics

R and I have had a bit of a financial reality check.

Thing is, we really want to do the right thing with our purchase choices. Ive blogged about it before, and this is a continuation of our story – finding our way through ethics and the reality of our daily lives.

We wanted to keep on with veg boxes, and they do compare like for like… but that’s the point, only rich people can afford local, fresh and organic. And if there’s one thing R and I are not – its rich.

So British and frozen it is. The thing is, if its a choice between battery hen meat and a veg box, the free range chicken gets our vote.

When we are out of debt, maybe we will be able to go back to it all. We both find it very hard to make these sort of choices, we’d love to buy all free range, local organic… all that good and right stuff.

But money talks, and when it costs £18 for fruit and veg alone leading to a bill of about £80 compared to a £60 bill which included a lot of meat… well you get the idea.

But then, being real about our finances allows us to fight another day. We continue to ask ourselves ethical questions in the hope of honouring Jesus and being the best we can in the circumstances we find ourselves.


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