28 women

A postscript to the post below – sadly not enough people were interested in this idea, so I have given up. Ah well, you don’t win them all…

I’m starting a new blog called 28 women. the idea is each of us blog once a month chronicling our life and times in the 21 century. This includes you facebook people who read my blog…

Its inspired by the book Can any mother help me? A fantastic book about a group of British women who wrote in secret for over 50 years… now obviously this wont be in secret, but I would love to start something that runs for a very long time…

so if you are interested, if you have friends who are interested… let me know.


2 thoughts on “28 women

  1. Hi there! I got your comment & can't find your email – would you pop me an email? It's meg at randomly challenged dot comIt's a great idea!megg

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