A little corner of England

Or to be precise, R and I’s corner of Ipswich (for those of you not in the UK, East of England, two hours drive north of London). These pictures are in honour of the new camera we bought. I was very expensive. Maybe not as cameras go, but it was for us… but it is so worth it and we will keep in forever (nearly). Anyway…

This is the street we live in, its typical Victorian housing, single skin brick wall between you and the neighbours so we all share our lives.. sometimes its good sometimes its not. We live in a bit of a shouty sweary street where its not uncommon for people to have out their argument in the street. But for all that we feel safe walking the 10 minutes home from the cinema, and we are a 15 minute walk from the town centre, bars, pubs and restaurants… lovely.

The back yard is home to washing, the barbecue and my garden… I haven’t grown any food this year, It has been just too hectic what with settling down after last year… getting married, moving here, work… but next year I want to grow food as well as flowers.

In the mean time, right now I am very happy that the first of the sweet peas have flowered.

As I walk into town there is a co-op and this coin op. It looks straight out of the 1950’s to me, but we were very grateful for it before we got our washing machine.

This church is one of many in Ipswich no longer used for worship. This one is used for the arts and as the Pulse festival is on at the moment, in full use.

It is also a symbol of the part of Ipswich R and I live in. All around us there are building works. We are hoping the government will give us a loan so that we can buy one of the many many new flats going up… or maybe even a house…

The old and the new… Ipswich is in transition all over the place. I love it here, it is such an interesting place to live, and I never thought I would like to live in a town.


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