Banana crisis

So we all survived Bible Camp. I ran two days of fun and games, food and bible study tuesday and wednesday. R came and led it with me the first day, stayed over night and then went and did ten hours at comet. He’s a star.

After that I had the vicar and the other youth worker. It was a funny two days really, some of the older ones had dropped out at the last minute (bah) and then some of the younger ones wanted to come, so the group didnt gel as well as it could have.

But the all seemed to enjoy themselves… I see there are photos on facebook anyway, although they mainly seem to feature a snail we found. Of course because people dropped out we had way too much food. I mean, everyone ate cake but not bananas.

R and I have been trying to think of banana recipies… so far we have managed banana curry and banana smoothie. This may be the extent of our imagination, but the curry was nice.


One thought on “Banana crisis

  1. I have an Asda suggestion I’ve been meaning to try, sounds really weird. Wrap some streaky bacon around sections of banana secure with a cocktail stick then bake in oven for 15 mins at 200c

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