R was watching The Apprentice on iplayer this morning. I dipped in and out, but I have to say that although I can see it is entertaining, I feel a bit bah humbug about it.

All those egos with only power and money on their minds. Looks like a pretty good description of hell to me.

Where as the gardening programme I’m about to watch (on said iplayer) seems much more like heaven.

If I won the lottery, I would start a project for young people where they could learn all sorts of things and get support and time out and…

I wouldn’t be the manager, I’d go on a course, and then

I’d be the gardener.

At the moment R and I only have a little back yard and I have no time, so this is one half of my plant life:

But I yearn for a large garden and the time  to work in it… and appreciate it.
Then instead of just admiring things at places like East Bergholt, where there is a garden, arboretum and plant centre, I could bring my prizes home and see them grow… and invite people round for food and sitting in the summer house on warm afternoons… sigh, a girl has to have dreams.

The thing is, growing things is good for the soul.

Time to go watch that programme.


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