Sunday Scribblings #156 — Aging

My friend is coming to stay. I haven’t seen her in about 4 years, but she tells me, via facebook that we’ve know each other 14 years.

14 years. how did that happen?

And come to think of it, how did it get to be 14 years since I was 20?

I mean, how has time skipped from being on a voluntary year out, grabbing the world with both hands in spite of adversity, to… fighting the stress monster?
I didnt even own foundation then. Not that I wear it much now.

Anyway, I’m reading a novel at the moment called “whos that girl” about a woman (who would be the same age at me if she were real) who meets herself ten years younger.
She has decided to save herself from some of the dumb things she did – now that sounds attractive.

But for all my mistakes (I don’t suppose ive made any more than anyone else) Im very glad to be me.
When i was 20, I dont think I even imagined myself at 34 but now I find I like being me.

I wonder what life will be like when Im an older woman? At 50? at 70?

I look at my mother, now a slimmer, fitter version of herself a year ago, life still hard, but planning a holiday with dad…

I hope by the time I reach my mothers age, I am also a slimmer fitter version of myself…
but I also hope that with age, I will have also gained victory over some of the things which are my bane now.

I hope that aging will bring me a more peaceful life (on the inside) and greater joy in the now.

Because thats the problem with youth, we rush through it before we have a chance to savour it.

Right now I feel that I am neither old nor young, so perhaps the time has come to start claiming the now, and enjoy all I can at each stage of life, because after all,
what is aging anyway?


7 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #156 — Aging

  1. Aging is a post traumatic depression caused by not living life to the full ..stressing and straining through the ups and downs of life, making mountains out of mole hills and generally giving up on enjoying the simple things we see each day…..So kick back and enjoy the ride!

  2. aging is good and as you say they do not rush as youth…they turn more cautious and quiet and that give them time to enjoy life better

  3. You said in your comment at Sunday Scribblings that you thought this was meh. I don’t agree, but then, I am reading this and other than some small details (I *still* don’t own foundation), I could have written this.

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