Sunday Scribblings #153 – "Listen up because this is important!"

Yes, its another post for Sunday Scribblings…

What is important? Lots of things… my family, my faith, eco issues, trying to keep fit…

But as its fair trade fortnight, I would like to say that whats important today is


Now plainly (and in R’s case it is plain choc, he cant eat milk) chocolate is important all the time,

but fair trade chocolate is especially so.

Because if it isn’t, you cant guarantee it hasn’t been produced by trafficked children.

That’s child slavery

for your chocolate bar.

But you can have your choc and eat it! You can eat Divine choc, or co-op choc or Dubble, or tradecraft… you get the idea.

And of course while eating your fair trade chocolate you can help stop the traffic of children and encourage supermarkets to sell lovely

fair trade



9 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #153 – "Listen up because this is important!"

  1. I haven’t thought about Fair Trade since college, but it is important to look at where your food comes from, and it is important to learn about what companies do to exploit children in other countries.

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