Sunday Scribblings # – Lost

More Sunday Scribblings already…

Ive recently joined twitter… its alright i suppose. But a good thing has come from it. As I hopped from one person to the next via who they follow, I came across Ekklesia and because of that the anabaptist tradition.

Now Ive heard the name, but not read anything about them, least of all their convictions.

But I think they have something many of us have lost.

Our society seems so individualistic, so me first so consumerist, so live now never mind the consequences for those who will come after us.

We have lost what it means to love our neighbour, our planet.

Lost what it means to love God.

Not completely, i see a great deal of love and care in the lives of my Christian and non Christian friends.

But our society seems unwell, like the wheel has fallen off,

like its lost.

religious or not, it seems that the anabaptist way of community, sharing and peacefulness has much to teach us, about Jesus, about life.

there are many maps on the market to provide answers to lostness.

Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life.

anabaptists, like all Christians,

see him as the true map.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings # – Lost

  1. Totally agree. With individuality and materialism we’ve forgotten community and wholeness. The two can get along with each other if we try. I’ve also recently joined Twitter. You want to try cutting down poetry or fiction to 140 characters. It’s fun.

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