Sunday Scribblings # – Regrets

My offering for the latest Sunday Scribblings

Do I have any regrets? I don’t think I have.

Ive done plenty of things I’m sorry for… but by an large, I have said sorry.

There are many things I wish I could have done, or done differently, but then my life would have taken different turns and I wouldn’t be here. And I like here.

And for all the difficulties and worries in my life, I am very thankful for all that I have. All that I have become.

Because each choice, each happening in my past has brought me here.

I know not everyone reading this post will have a religious belief, but for me, i concur with Joshua in the Bible who said “as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord”

I am grateful to God for taking hold of my life, for using each circumstance whether good or bad, to bring me to the place I now stand.

It is this viewpoint on life which brings me peace in difficult times and a sense of contentment even when life is not all it might be.

I may not have married till 34, but I’m thankful for the good husband I have.

We may have debt partly due to the mistakes I made in the past, but I’m thankful that we are learning to use less of the worlds precious resources.

I may never be able to have children, but I’m thankful that if that day is realised, we will instead have more time to love others.

I could have many regrets but God has turned each one into hope.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings # – Regrets

  1. I found your post via Sunday Scribblings, via Awareness! I will be back as I so enjoyed this post…beautiful. Isn’t it amazing God’s forgiveness and grace so we can “turn regrets into hope!”

  2. Yours is a very practical and life-affirming way to view things that might be saddening, differently viewed. If we can train ourselves to learn from our mistakes, and notice our gratitude for what is, then there need be no regrets.

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