From Obama to word clouds

How do you get from Obama to word clouds? via the BBC as it happens. They had a word cloud for Obama’s speech, generated by wordle. Its a really cool tool.

I was discussing with the young people I work with about Obama, what they thought of him and whether they thought he was “a good thing”.
They think he is.
They aren’t under any illusions that hes the saviour of the world, and none of them fancied his job… but they were, as i am, encouraged by some of the things he said, especially around the environment, people of different religions and the realist tone he used concerning the American (and therefore world) economy.

Anyway, back to wordle. I had a go with it, and made some word clouds out of one or two the poems you can find on my other blog. My favourite though, I have posted here. Being a predominantly visual person, I love them.

I can see I might get hooked.


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