Dreaming in green

I met with another youth worker today who has very similar views to me on sustainability, youth work and the environment.

We both feel that this area of life is something Christians should be involved in as a matter of faith… the job God gave Adam was of course to rule over the earth… and if we are made in Gods image and he is a God of love the surely that means we should take care of the world he has lent us.

We were talking about A Rocha and other projects we have heard of, then went over to the garden project i started last year.

Its growing weeds at the moment, but the time draws nearer when we start again… I feel like a child who is desperately hoping for something they asked for for Christmas and cant wait for the day to see if they got it.

And D’s plans are even bigger, still related around sustainability, but involving a lot more land on a much bigger scale with loads more young people.

what hes dreaming would be just amazing.

I guess only time will tell what we actually unwrap… inevitably I will write about it here.


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