Sunday Scribblings # – Pilgrimage

I have been inspired to write by Sunday ScribblingsWhat an interesting blog! Anyway, topic of their week, pilgrimage…

I guess that’s what my blog is about, documenting my life journey as a christian, a wife and a youth worker, the end goal of my life-pilgrimage… hm. Heaven?

Well if heaven is seeing the young people I work with flourish be well balanced and content… If heaven is blessing my husband and enjoying my life with him… and if heaven is being at peace with God,

well then I guess heaven is the goal of my pilgrimage.

I long to journey to that place where I am content with what I have rather than yearning for what I don’t.

To be in that place where my life is more about giving out than getting. And where R and I live sustainably and are a blessing to the people we love or just know.

As with all pilgrimages, the journey is as important as the getting there. I’m certainly enjoying it at the moment, in spite of the occasional difficult terrain.


8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings # – Pilgrimage

  1. I’ve just found your blog through Sunday Scribblings and I think it’s enchanting that you were able to chronicle your wedding-day in cyberspace. I write poems and I often base them on photos I see on-line. I just love your shot of the bridesmaid (I presume)keeping her feet warm and dry! May I use it. I’ll mention your name, of course.

  2. It’s so good to encounter you as you begin on that blessed journey… newlywed! I’ve come by from Sunday Scribblings, and wish you and your husband every good thing on this pilgrimage of life together.

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