We had a week in Tobago. Sounds idyllic  doesn’t it? The problem is, Tobago isn’t very touristy and you need a lot of money to truly enjoy it.

Also, we made the same mistake another honeymoon couple we met made… we thought we’d eat out at local restaurants… but there aren’t any.

R and I really struggled.We both love our food… and the weather didn’t help the trips we did go on.

But for all that, there were some lovely things too… Like all the birds and other wildlife in the garden of the apartment we rented.

And the apartment owner who saved our honeymoon by telling us places to go, and taking us!

The hummingbirds at a nature reserve we went to were amazing:

while we were there, a dog appeared, and the owner said it was one of their guide dogs… we assumed that someone was blind, but when we got up to walk round the reserve, both guide dogs came too… and guided us along the walk!
You don’t see that every day.

Then of course there are the chickens. Wherever you go, you see… chickens. Our apartment owner said they were yard chickens, not belonging to anyone, but if you are hungry…

Anyway, if the food was a negative, the beauty of Tobago was definitely a plus.

And besides, I got a whole seven days just with R


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