Holy is the Lord God Almighty
Who was
And is
And is to come.


You protected me from death
At my birth.
You have known me
Before any other did.


Your love is true.
Your word is right.
Your way is perfect.


You have given me
A pilgrim heart
And you provide
All I need for the journey.


You protect me from harm,
Filling me with your spirit,
Bringing me comfort.
You know my inner being.

You have loved me and
there is nothing
That will ever change that.

You know me, so there are
no surprises
To change your mind.

As you have held me
in the past,
So I know you will walk
With me in the days to come.


Who is there, but You?
What purpose, but Your way?
Who shall I live life for,
except You?

You hold my soul
You protect my body
You give life to my spirit.



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