Depression has blood red tallons

Dark, bottomless, endless pit.

I fall and fall and fall…

Night closes in all around

It reaches me

With its blood red talons

Eyes full of insanity lust and dread.

It seems so simple, the foul beast

Dresses itself as sweet release…

But I smell its sulphur.

Help me Lord, I’m sinking fast!

Fear was never a match for faithfulness

And love speak life into

My war torn mind.

It’s still night,

I’m still here, lying broken, crumpled in a heap.

But love never gives up

And His faithfulness

Is balm

At the end when I have nothing left

I find him offering to take my burden

If only I will give it him

So now I’m counted amongst

The walking wounded

And God stands ever close to me

Shielding me from the worst

As he teaches me how

To live again.


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