Lime green Baby grow

There is no way to explain
The terrible void
And lonely path,
This burning desire.
How can I say
About the everyday dull ache,
The sudden breathless pain
Caused by a baby grow in a shop.
What words to use
For the wrenching grief
The earth shifting sense of loss
For the children I have never had.
And who is there to tell?
How could my friends
With their child filled lives
Ever understand?
And even those who
have suffered
The Good Friday
of childlessness
Now have their
parental Easter day.
And what can I say to a church
That helps people understand
gods love
Through the feelings they have
for their children?
Who is there then,
That knows this pain
Or who would at least
cry with me,
Rather than giving
fluffy platitudes
Of oh there’s time yet
Or so and so has children…
These words
They comfort only the giver.
They leave me bereft
Still barren
Still childless.

One thought on “Lime green Baby grow

  1. I am glad you shared with us Alice..there is always someone to listen (but maybe not always understand)- even if it's at the end of an internet connection..Jae

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